Surfing/wave sports

Puerto Escondido, and especially Zicatela Beach, is world known for its fantastic surf. It is the site of several annual International Surfing contests. Only experienced surfers and boogie boarders should brave the surf at Zicatela, as this is an extremely dangerous beach break. For those looking for good waves but not the punishing consequences of Zicatela's beach break, head to the far southern end of Zicatela Beach known as La Punta or "the point". La Punta is a consistent left point break that provides excellent waves, especially in the summer and fall months. This forgiving break has long workable rides and is an excellent place for beginners through advanced surfers to hone their skills. Playa Carrizalillo can also be an excellent surf spot. Depending on the swell direction, Carrizalillo can produce a left or a right break and many times it will produce both. Carrizalillo has very forgiving waves, though you need to be cautious of rocks on both sides of the cove when surfing here.

For those looking to do some scuba diving, there is a dive shop in Zicatela beach inside hotel Ines (ask for Lorenzo Bini) that take dive trips to local offshore reefs. Dive certification classes are offered through this shop. Some of the best snorkeling in Puerto can be at Carrizalillo in and around the rocky points between Carrizalillo and Bacocho. Best times to snorkel are usually during the winter months when the sun is abundant and the water is at its calmest and clearest. Best viewing times are usually midday when the sun is high in the sky.

Turtle/Dolphin/ Wales Watching

Enjoy some recreational boating and get to know the main beaches of the area. You will be able to observe the golfina turtles, and with a little luck you will see dolphins and whales that migrate through the area. Also Omar at Playa “Puerto Angelito” does these sightseeing tours.


Puerto is not specifically known for its great shopping opportunities, however the Adoquin on Playa Principal closes off the road for foot traffic only after 5 PM and provides vendors a chance to display a variety of Oaxacan souvenirs and authentic arts and crafts. The main market located on 8th steet is the place to find fresh fruits and vegetables as. The best place to buy seafood is at “La Perla” Seafood restaurant. There is only one good supermarket around and its called Ahorrara. The best days to visit the Market are on Wednesday and Saturday, as these are the days when most vendors come to market and there is the greatest variety of goods. If you are looking for clothes or Brazilian bikinis, Zicatela is the place to go.



Sky diving (high session)

To enjoy the best view of Puerto Escondido, take a ride you will never forget.